So on Tuesday night, a transformer on our block blew up, and we lost our power for the night. That was fun. It came back at 1:30am, unfortunately that meant that we had about 4 hours without AC, a fan, lights, you name it. It really sucked…and I was right in the middle of watching an episode of Buffy.

Last night we got home and found that the geniuses at Bell had somehow cut off our phone! I called them and they said they’d get a technician out to our house right away…as early as Friday at 9:00pm! Then if the problem is in house, I can have either 9-5, or 12-8. Nice!

Needless to say, I’ll be staying home tomorrow to do wait for the phone company, and I’ll be working late tonight to get stuff done.

Plus of course we’ve got no garbage pick-up, the gym is closed (due to the strike), and now all of the inside workers are on strike.

I hate this city.

BGMi has put a stop to Instant Messenger because it’s a “security hazzard”, of course there’s a way around it…and it’s really simple. They’ve also put a stop to Web Mail…again, there’s a way around it. Tonight I found out that WebSense blocks, so I just used my little trick to get around it. Why do they even bother?

Thank god I’m only downtown for another month, I don’t think I could take much more of these draconian policies. Ugh.