I’ve forgotten my little weekly update for this week, and it’s a perfect week since I bought a new album and DVD, and have become obsessed with a new game.

I’ve not mentioned my obsession with my iPAQ, and it’s ironic since it is the platform with the game of the week. It’s an amazing device, if my PC kicked as much @$$ as the iPAQ does, I’d be in seventh heaven. the iPAQ is a mp3 player, a portable computer, a web device, it’s everything. It has pocket versions of Outlook, Excel, Word, and Money, as well as a scaled down version of Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer. I use it all the time for everything from scheduling appointments, to listening to music (I’m listening to the Album Du Jour on it right now).

Album Du Jour: Break the Cycle by Staind

DVD of the week: Dogma

Movie of the week: The Score

Game of the week: Cubicle Chaos (iPAQ)

Best Comic of the Week: New X-Men 115 (Morrison and Quietly kick @$$!)

Website of the week: The official Spiderman The Movie Website The teaser trailer is out…and it looks awesome!