For something like two years has said “Change is coming”…what a load of CRAPOLA! It’s finally true though. I’m going to go through in the next three months and re-design all three of my major sites. HeadsDown is going to get the first overhaul, I’m going to plug in a content management solution (HeadLines), re-do the front jump page, and make it do what it should do. HeadsDown needs to be a portal for all of my stuff…and that’s just what it’s going to be.

What can you, my adoring public expect on HeadsDown? How’s this for a start?

Services – What I can offer folks. You want custom video? Done. You need a website? Got it. You want a peruvian rug? I’m your man.

Portfolio – What I’ve done.

Tools – The HeadsDown difference.

Weekly (or monthly) updates on what HeadsDown is doing.

Spotlights on past projects (every week I’ll focus on a prior client).

Latest news on my other sites.

Tales will be next. Gone will be the Comics and Movies sections. Great ideas, just didn’t get enough done with them. In will be a new writing section where my Wrestling columns can live. I’ll keep the main page information only, but I want to have some more pictures and stuff going on.

The Char and Brian site needs a re-vamp since it hasn’t been touched in over a year. We’ll see what we can see with that one.

Finally, the Stinky Monkeys will need a re-vamp in time for the Winter Floor hockey season. I’m going to try to captain a team this winter and see who wants to come out.

I’ve got a couple of designs for HeadsDown on the go, and I’ll post them as soon as I get a chance.

In the meantime, I’m working on a website for local comic shop “Shining Knight Comics”, and I’ll post some stuff about that here soon.

Until then…stay tuned!