Ya know, I lived for years without a car. Last year when we bought the new Accord, I inherited Char’s 89 Accord (it was deemed no longer fit for long distance travel, but more than good enough for the 30k both way trips I take daily). Other than a new battery a couple of months ago, and an oil change in May, we haven’t done anything to is since June of last year (new brakes).

When the muffler went earlier this week, I decided it was time for some fixes.

In addition to the new muffler, I knew the car needed a tune up, an oil change, and a transmission service. What I didn’t know was that the CV boots were shot…again, and that the fuel injector housing was leaking. I’m not fixing the damn CV boots (too much cash, they’ve been fixed once before and busted almost immediately), and there are a couple of leaks that aren’t getting fixed without a major re-build (slow leak in the oil pan, and some sweat in the tranny), but the rest of the stuff needed taking care of. The sucky thing is that I’ve been without a car since Monday.

The good news? Transit isn’t that much of a pain in the @$$…oh don’t get me wrong, it’s far from pleasant, I need to do 3 transfers (bus from my place to the subway, subway to RT, RT to bus), but it only took an extra 20 minutes.

However, when I picked my car up at lunch, I was so friggin’ elated. It runs way smoother now, and doesn’t make any of the strange noises it was making.

Hopefully it will last one more year. I’m just not ready to let go yet, in another year I’m sure I’ll be sick of it though.