If you’re reading this, it’s after Christmas, so it’s a belated holiday wish, but it comes from the heart none-the-less.

My new year’s resolutions are:

More HeadsDown, less TSN.ca

This past summer I spent a whole lot of time on TSN.ca, and no time on HeadsDown, as a result, I’m claiming exactly $175.00 in HeadsDown revenue this year, as opposed to last year which was almost 40 times that amount. Not good.

Get in shape

2002 was a bad year for me and my weight. I stopped going to the gym, lost a lot of muscle tone, and did very little cardio. This year, I want to get back to a gym and get back in shape.

Save save save

We did a great job last year, and our house fund is nearly half complete, considering we only started in March, I’m quite impressed. Moreover, we’re saving, but not seriously feeling the pinch. More of the same for this year, with an added emphasis on squirrelling away all those little extra nuggets.

Go somewhere cool

We’re going to Vegas in February, but I’d like to take some day trips in the summer to some cool places like Chicago and New York, two places I’ve always wanted to see.

Love my wife more than I did this year

Mushy, and more than a little annoying, but hey, who cares? It’s my blog!

Finally, re-designs for Tales, HeadsDown, and any other sites I own. They’ve been a long time in coming!