What I am about to write here is really meant for me, and just for me…see that’s one of the cool things about this whole “Tales From The Darkside” thing is that a lot of this stuff is really just for me, but others sometimes find it useful, enlightening, or just plain fun.

These are a few links for stuff that I’m working on at TSN.ca right now. I’m totally re-vamping our HELP section, and these are things that I want to remember.

The Web Standards Project has a terrific piece on why someone should upgrade to a newer browser. It’s not condascending at all, and it really makes some decent sense.

Windows Media Players links to all of the various players for various browsers/Operating systems. Also there is a good section on Why we use Windows Media Player

WMP and Netscape 6 a good article on why Netscape 6 sometimes doesn’t work with WMP.

Just for me

Of course I’m in the process of re-vamping HeadsDown and I’m doing a little online research for that too…

Greymatter Forum more stuff about GreyMatter, the basis for HeadLines.

Digital Web Online Magazine an online magazine devoted to web designers.

CSS Layout Techniques for Fun and Profit has some very cool stuff on fluid web design.