Forgot to mention last night that I saw Final Fantasy on Sunday and The Score on Friday night.

The Score was quite good, in that pure popcorn, summer movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds” sort of way. DeNiro was great, Norton was awesome, and Brando was…well he was Brando, what can you say about the man? He may be full of quirks, but he’s amazing, even at 800lbs.

Final Fantasy was okay. It was a little too “Akira” for me, and most of it didn’t make any sense (probably because I’ve never played the games). None of the characters grabbed me, and other than the “Wow, this is amazing technology” aspect of it, I didn’t really enjoy it.

Now with that said, I got to see the Spider-Man movie trailer before it, AND I saw it in an IMAX theatre, with the most amazing sound system ever. Those factors go a long way towards helping one to stick it out when I might have normally given up on it.

It was a good movie weekend though…and the fact that I got the Dogma Special Edition (with some GREAT outtakes) just made it that much better.

This weekend is America’s Sweethearts and Jurassic Park III, could be popcorny goodness!