I’m going to be bringing in a couple of slang “Londonisms” that my buddies and I were trying to introduce to the nation’s vocabulary back in the early 90’s (we got bored with using them however so they didn’t catch on.), we also tried to introduce Snap, which seems to be catching on several years later.

The words are:

Pale (n); slang for weak, or lame.

I.E. That’s just pale dude. Firing Raven was a pale decision on the part of the WWE. Mel Lastman’s excuses are getting paler every time.

Bucket (n, v) slang euphamism, shares the same connotation as the f-bomb, or the word “frig”.

I.E. (after bashing your finger with a hammer) BUCKET!!! (To connotate delight): That’s bucket awesome!

I think “pale” has a good chance of catching on since it’s time for the word “weak” to be retired (it’s so 2001). Pale could very well be the new weak.

Bucket might have a slightly harder time getting integrated, but I’m sure that we can get it in there.