So as you’ve probably noticed, the new template wasn’t quite ready for prime time. That’s because I’ve been edumacatin’ myself on all this here fancy CSS and XHTML stuff. You may remember last week when I debuted the new Template I referred to it as the “non-enhanced” flattened template…well I learned myself some good ole fashioned “CSS” stuff tonight and coded up my wicked awesome new and improved Enhanced Template which you are seeing for the first time right now!

This site design is completely liquid, totally seperates content from the presentation layer (meaning I can change the whole site by just making a couple of changes to the CSS…want the navigation on the other side? Simple. Want to change the colours? Easy as pie). All that and it’s really sweet on an iPAQ.

My next step is to move the site over to Grey Matter, and then I’m all finished up! Wee Hoo!