The first Animatrix chapter is online!

Go watch the first chapter of The Animatrix at!

Wow, “The Second Renaissance Part 1” is really cool, it’s a pre-quel to The Matrix, and it’s really well done. The story is about how humanity tried to opress the robots, and how the machines rebelled, and founded their own continent, 01. It’s a really cool story, and definately has potential. I’m alread a big fan. is reporting that they were at the Warner Bros/Infogrames press conference where “The Final Flight of the Osirus” was screened, and they say that it’s even more impressive than the animation in “Final Fantasy”. The short will play before the movie “Dreamcatcher” when that film is released March 21st, and of course the Animatrix DVD will be released on June 3rd, with all 9 shorts; Final Flight of the Osiris; The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2 ,Kid’s Story. Program, World Record, Beyond, Detective Story, Matriculated.

Andy and Larry Wachowski wrote the first four films as pre-quels to the Matrix, and the last five are written by famous Japanimation directors Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Program and World Record), Koji Morimoto (Beyond), Shinichiro Watanabe (Detective Story), and Peter Chung (Matriculated).