The Final Flight of the Osiris is now appearing in front of DreamCatcher (the new Stephen King/Lawrence Kasdan film in theatres now), it’s 9 minutes long, and amazing. I had free tickets on Wednesday night, and I was blown away. The CGI animation has improved in leaps and bounds since Final Fantasy, and with a traditional North American story, fused to the Japanimation sensibilities, this whole Animatrix project is turning out to be incredibly cool.

There’s a link to the 4:30 Animatrix trailer on right now.

I’m working on the HeadsDown Content Management System right now. We’ve completed the Links, Calendar, and Content systems. I’m re-writing some of the colour stuff that Ryan created last week, and I’m implementing that into an elaborate templating system which will allow a site owner to change the template of their website. Next will be upgrading the login portion of the site so that you can have multiple users with multiple logins. This will enable me to create classes of users with permissions to update the content, stats, or templates of the site. I’m also going to tinker with the Headlines system to make it a little more robust. My final challenge for this part of the project is getting the image upload tool working. Apparently there’s a site permissions problem I’ve got to deal with first.

Peep this…very cool. Extreme MHz PC.