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This really really sucks. Stupid Internet Crash of 2000! Stupid stupid Department of Justice.

Why is it that the big corporations can get as big and huge as they want, but because Microsoft made good products that everybody used (because they were better than the competiton’s I.E. Internet Explorer over Netscape) the DOJ freaked out? Shift Magazine this month makes the point that it’s because Bill Gates is a member of the fraternal order of the geek, and the real world’s job is to always make the geek know he’s an outcast.

Meanwhile Gasoline goes from 59.9 cents a litre, to 64.9 cents a litre, overnight…at every single gas station in the city. Where’s the government inquisition into collusion?

The gas companies would have us believe that it’s taxes…but come on now, did taxes really go up 10% overnight?

Album Du Jour: Staind, Break the Cycle is still on my iPAQ

DVD of the week: Charlie’s Angels, the extra behind the scenes stuff on wire work was awesome.

Movie of the week: America’s Sweethearts was kind of cute. John Cusack is always awesome.

Game of the week: No games, I got a new processor though, I’m going to pick up some more RAM, so maybe I’ll start playing Black and White

Best Comic of the Week: JLA 55 was awesome. I just wish it were better connected to Our Worlds At War, because I want to see what happens to Jonn Jonzz

Website of the week: Chank’s Free Fonts, and Acid Fonts