Finally Canada gets a break! After years of getting the short end of the stick when it comes to DVD releases (I bought the Crow 2 disc set in California a full year before it was available here in Canada as an example), but now we get a kick-assed special edition that our American friends will have to buy up here!

Those of you who loved Roman Polanski’s The Pianist will be happy to learn that a 3-disc version Limited Edition of the film will be released in Region 1… but to Canadian consumers only. It will be a 2-DVD special edition, along with a 3rd disc – the CD soundtrack. That’s a much more elaborate version than we’ll get here in the States from Universal (which will be only a single disc). The title streets on 5/27 in Canada, and demand is sure to be high.

So cool. I didn’t get to catch it in the theatres, Char went with her sister instead, but it’s one of those movies that I’d like to see when it comes out on video.