Wow, what a difference a little R&R makes. As I write this it’s Victoria Day Monday…and I’ve just had a great, relaxing weekend, which I really needed because I was about to snap after last week’s “Week of Monday’s”. It was just such a crappy, rainy, long week last week where everything seemed to go wrong at every turn.

Everything turned around on Friday though, I managed to get everything that I was working on done by about 2:00 in the afternoon, and then I started on a couple of things to get me ready for this week…what a concept, being prepared for the next week. All of that, and I managed to leave by 5:00!

Friday night we went and saw The Matrix. It was about what I was expecting, the middle movie of a trilogy. No beginning, no end…just the middle (the end of it felt exactly like the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, or more appropriately the Empire Strikes Back, where you know that Han is in sheep dip, and Luke Skywalker is waking up on the bed of the hospital ship, checking out his new hand, but nothing’s resolved). Thank god that the end is only 6 months away. Actually, this is going to be a great holiday movie season with both The Matrix Revolutions and Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the King coming out before Christmas!

Saturday morning I went for a nice bike ride, it was still pretty cool, but the weather was looking up. When I got back, Char and I had some breakfast and headed out to Ajax to check out our field. We went to Lakeside and took some pictures of the model homes there (so that we could get some ideas for our upgrades for when we have to do that stuff later this year), and then we drove out to Brooklyn to take pictures of the models there. There was one place there that had a “Media Loft”, which was this amazing projection screen on the third floor. It was a really cool place with a little bathroom, a fridge and sink, and a little area for a foozball table (although I’d have a stand-up arcade machine with a MAME emulator there instead). From there we came back to Toronto, bought some groceries, and had a great dinner of grilled portabello mushrooms from my new grilling book that I bought.

Sunday morning Jeff, Larry, Dennis and I met at 10:00 for some roller hockey, where we ran into some other guys who were playing. We played a little 3-on-2 for a while, and then the other guys left. We stuck around until almost 1:00. After that, I came home, had lunch, and went for a walk in the Beach with Char. I read my book “Comic Wars”, which is about the battle for Marvel Comics after they filed for Bankrupcy protection, and then I went out and rented a couple of movies (I Spy, the second 24 disc, and “The Emperor’s Club”). That night we had some awesome brined chicken for dinner, along with Sweet Potatoes with maple cinnamon butter (you just add a tsp of maple syrup and some cinnamon to a little bit of butter), and a salad. We’re eating so many vegetables on this diet I tells ya. We went for a quick walk down to the boardwalk to check out the midway that’s set up there. When we got back, I watched I Spy while Char watched the finale of The Bachelor, and then we were too exhausted to watch our other movie.

This morning we went to The Tulip for breakfast, and then came home where I’ve been sitting on the deck with my laptop and wireless connection, doing some work for HeadsDown. Tonight we’re going to watch our movie, and then go down to the boardwalk to watch the fireworks (with some home-made chocolate chai tea which we bought today).

Now that’s what I call a great, relaxing weekend.