I guess I should address this since a few people have e-mailed me privately asking what’s going on. Late last week, after a lot of debate, the guys on the row and I decided that it was time for me to stop writing for TSN.ca/wrestling. There wasn’t any “hidden agenda” or anything like that. I just grew bored with wrestling, I needed a break, and I don’t know right now if I’ll be interested in writing for the site again.

Watching wrestling was 6 hours of my week. Writing about it was another 2. Giving that habit up, means that I get 8 hours of my week back, or a full work day. That’s enough to get a ton of stuff related to the class I’m teaching, or the business I’m running done.

Maybe in the future I’ll come back, but for now I’m happy to sit at home on a Saturday morning doing non-wrestling related work.