I read this morning that studios are dissapointed with B.O. takes. Meanwhile they release The Matrix in nearly 4000 theatres.

There was a time where you couldn’t get tickets to opening week of new movie (never mind opening night) and the studios knew that, so they counter-programmed. You might not go see The Matrix, so you went to Bruce Almighty instead. Now people go out to see the movie they want, when they get there, there are plenty of tickets, and plenty of seats. It’s not uncommon for people to show up to a newly released movie, ten minutes into the performance, and still get a seat…on OPENING NIGHT!!!

That’s just insane to me.

Take a look at the club scene. There’s absolutely no reason to have the lines outside of most clubs that are there, other than to create perceived excitement. If people think it’s a big deal to get into something, they will make a bigger deal out of it.

Now personally, I won’t wait in a line at a club…why would I when I can walk across the street and get into the newly released movie that started ten minutes ago?