AOL lays off Netscape developers, and essentially declares the browser dead…and I miss it? One of my new favourite web sites “” said it best:

In future news: November, 2009 — Microsoft issues a press release, raising Internet Explorer licensing fees to “eleventy billion dollars”. AOL executives surprised to discover ‘foresight’ carelessly crossed out of their dictionaries.

No kidding. Microsoft has already said that version 6.0 is the last “free” standalone version of I.E. which they will be releasing. They have stopped development of future browsers for the MAC OS, and are now only focusing on bundling the next version into Longhorn.

I love “the evil empire”, but damn, this makes me shudder. Thankfully we’ve still got Mozilla, who have recently updated the look of their site, and they’ve started focusing on marketing the browser.

Damn…what the heck’s Firebird? Tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker…annoyance eliminator, skinnable, and faster? Oh no, I may have to switch.