Sucks to be Canadian

So for months I’ve been complaining that the Record Industry needs to get with it and make digital distribution a reality…they finally did something about it. iMusic was launched a couple of months ago, but it’s only available on the Mac. has now come out, which works on the PC. Great thinks I, I’m going there, and to show my support, I’ll buy an album.

I go to the site, check out what they’ve got. The good news is, there’s a ton of stuff available! Audioslave or Elvis’ #1 Hits? Two albums I’ve been meaning to buy. I do the conversion in my head. Audioslave is $12.49 for the whole album, Elvis is $9.99 for the entire (two disc) album. Elvis it is. I click on the handy “Download now” button, and wait to be magically transported. Then I get this page. Damn.

Back to Kaazaa for me. Hopefully since they can’t sell me my music, they also can’t sue me for looking for it.