O’Reilly Safari Bookshelf

Holy Jeez! I am a huge information whore, as anyone who visits this site regularly probably already knows. Every morning I spend about an hour surfing through my top 5 or 6 sites (Which right now consist of News.com, Mezzoblue, ComicsNewsarama, Wrestling Observer, and TSN.ca…natch). I also consume a ridiculous amount of books.

The problem with the books on my bookshelf is that 60% of them are obsolete, 20% of them are bordering on obsolesence, which leaves me with 20% that are great, keep ’em around volumes. Now with that said, I usually pick books up remaindered, so I get them for $20-$30.00 rather than the cover prices of $60-80.00

However, I love the idea of “subscribing” to books and looking at them whenever I want to! Especially since it’s O’Reily (the guys who make the “in a nutshell” series), New Riders, Que, and Sams all together. That’s pretty much 80% of the market!

Here’s how it works, you sign up for one of their plans (5, 10, 20, or 30 books), and are able to put that many books on your virtual “bookshelf”, any given book has to stay on your bookshelf for 30 days, but you can put them back any time after that.

That’s it! Plus it has a 14 day free trial! I’m going away on vacation next week, but as soon as I get back, I’ll be subscribing to the $14.99/month “small” 10 book package! What a deal.