It started out pretty bad with me leaving a bit early on Friday to take some antihisthamines and try to get this cold under control. After a brief nap and a little dinner, I went out for Tim Lamb’s stag, which involved a trip to the Peel Pub, and then a bar crawl of sorts. Yonge St. was packed Saturday night with Carrabana revellers, and it took us longer than usual to get to the bars. I couldn’t believe the number of people on Yonge St. at midnight. We went to Joanne Long and Craig Giles’ wedding on Saturday and had a really great time. The weather was perfect, and we got to hang out with Char’s university buds. This morning we had a great brunch at the hotel (which was one of the most terrific spreads I’ve ever seen), and then came home. I took care of some stuff around the house and had a quick nap, and then Char came over. We went out and grabbed some groceries and then Char headed down to Tiffany’s for Nikki’s stag. I’m gonna do some cleaning, and then head over to Char’s before picking the gals up after their crawl.

Album Du Jour: Morning Orbit, David Usher (I’m still not a huge fan of this album yet)

DVD of the week: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Movie of the week: No movie this week…though I want to see Made and Ghost World.

Game of the week: No games being played right now.

Best Comic of the Week: Exiles #3 I can’t believe how much this series is growing on me.

Website of the week: Ebay has got some awesome summer deals right now.