I just wanted to write a quick little “what I’m doing” post here before I head off.

I plan on reading, relaxing, taking in some sights, reading, taking a whack of photos with my digital camera, smoking a couple of phat stogies (I picked up a nice little Cohiba, and a sweet smelling Havana today), reading, playing some golf, getting some inline hockey in, and oh yeah…reading.

My reading list includes:

The Cheese Monkeys

Chip Kidd’s first novel, about a young college freshman who majors in Art at a community college, and what the world looks like through his eyes.

Eric Meyer on CSS

Eric Meyer is a standards guru, and was formerly employed by Netscape as an evangelist. He’s now consulting freelance, and kicks a whole lotta butt. By the time I’m done this book and Jeffery Zeldman‘s book…I’ll be a whiz at this stuff.

and of course…

Wizard Magazine #0

Just because.