Dunno if anybody (besides my parents, who called from out east 5 times the last four days, and didn’t bother to leave a number any time) missed me, but I’m back. We did ye ole Tri-City tour consisting of Ajax, Kingston, and Montreal.On Wednesday morning we drove to Ajax and checked out our plot of land. It’s coming along nicely. We then headed off to Kingston. On the way there we stopped at the big red apple and took some hilarious pictures. We then headed off to Kingston just in time to check in at The Frontenac Club (our inn), which kicked a whole lotta ass. Peep the pictures at their website.

We spent two days in Kingston, where we poked around their shops, saw some historic battle re-enactments at Fort Henry, and then went on the 1000 Islands Tour. After we had taken the tour, we heard that it’s actually better to go to take the tour from nearby Gananoque because you do away with the 30 minute trip to and from the actual islands. It was still pretty cool.

We then headed to Montreal, where we spent a lot of time in Old Montreal, and a bit of time on Saint Catherine. We also had delicious Smoked Meat sammiches from Schwartz’s. The freakin’ line up for the place was at least half an hour long! Well worth the wait though.

I really blew my reading wad. While we were up north, I read Chip Kidd’s “The Cheese Monkeys”, and when we were in Kingston and Montreal I read 21 Dog Years, which is an hilarious romp about one guy’s time spent at Amazon.com.

It totally inspired me to start writing some memoires, which I’ve begun compiling. The last two years at Bell alone would be a fascinating read, let alone all the talk of dot-com disasters, and stupidity at Alliance Atlantis. My favourite part I think though is the gypsy like lifestyle I lead. In the last four years I’ve had 4 jobs (3 in one calendar year), recieved regular paycheques from 10 different companies, had 14 desks to call my own, and at various times worked in up to 3 seperate offices simultaneously.

That’s a lot of real estate for one man’s ass!