The GarsidesI used to post New Year’s Resolutions, they were always similar things. Lose weight, something business related, something drawing related, something writing related, something about finishing things.

I didn’t post any in 2012 because I was really focused on just pain free peeing, and recovering from pneumonia . Last year I meant to and had a draft…but just didn’t finish it. That’s kind of a repetitive theme of 2013, I started a lot of things I didn’t finish.

Little Resolutions:

  • Grow a Beard
  • Grow my hair – (December 19th – February 21st)
  • Go to bed (and sleep) at 10pm for 3 nights consecutively
  • Do 4 weeks of Yoga consecutively

Those are little resolutions, but they’re not my big plans for the year.

My 2014 Plans:

Enter the 2014 LDEC Business Plan Competition
I’ve got a good business plan idea for HeadsDown that I am going to write up and submit to the annual business plan competition. My team came in top 3 last time I applied, I think I can get there by myself now.

Work only on things I care about
I’ve done a lot of things for the last several years because I felt I “had to do them”, but I don’t. I’m smart, I’m experienced, and I know how to outsource stuff I don’t want to do.
I’m going to get better at delegating, and I’m going to let things fall to the wayside if I’m the only one who actually cares about them.

Those things are:

  • HeadsDown Business Plan
  • Comic Shop POS feasibility study and Proof of Concept

Learn New Skills
I’m going to learn new skills this year, but they’re skills I want to learn for myself. I’ve become really good at online marketing, I’ll continue that. I’m also getting better at coding, that I’ll keep on focusing on.
The one I really want to focus on though is drawing. I have the most fun when I’m drawing, and I know I’ve got an auto-biographical comic in me somewhere.

  • Learn to teach
  • Learn to code in Ruby
  • Learn how to create characters

Get published on a fairly large website
I write some good stuff, but very few people get to read it.  Now is the time to fix that.  I’ve written a lot of posts last year that deserve a wider audience, and getting some guest posts out there will help improve the “Brian Garside Brand”.

Speak in front of more than 100 people
Last year I spoke at NXNE, in Chicago, and in New York.  My largest audience so far has been 88 people.  I want to get to more than 100 people this year.  I’ve applied to speak at Future Insights Live in Las Vegas, and I’m going to apply to RailsConf in Chicago as well.

Relax, and enjoy the ride
I’m going to get in better shape, I’m already well on my way…but I’m going to do it by having fun. Focus on things like Yoga, biking, running, and other things I enjoy. I’ll still pick things up and put them down, but it’s more important that I enjoy what I’m doing than sweat a whole lot for nothing.

  • Do more Yoga
  • Learn to meditate
  • Get my bike out in the spring
  • Try the whole “Couch to 5k” thing