2015 In Review

The Garsides
The Garsides

This was a great year. Not a good year, not an okay year…this was greatness. For as long as I can remember, I have had a dream of owning my own company. I saw it as a type of freedom, I saw it as an opportunity to work on things that mean the most to me, and I saw it as a way to build something bigger than me.

In late July, I gave my notice and left my job with The Info-Tech Research Group where I had been for the last eight and a half years. It was a HUGE, life altering move.

For the first half of my career I built amazing teams and amazing products for awesome companies. I would not be where I am today without everything I have learned over the last twenty years. Now it’s my job to take that knowledge and those friendships and build something that makes a dent in the universe.

There has been a massive learning curve, and I’ve found out what happens when I over-commit myself, and what a reasonable amount of work that I can expect to get done in a day looks like.

I’ve also learned that I work a LOT in the evenings and on weekends, and that I need to figure out a better work/life balance in order to not burn myself out (although I’m not too worried about that yet).

I really do love working from my home office, I’ve made a great place for myself here, and it’s a nice place to work out of.

For the last half of the year I worked with a half dozen different clients, I focused primarily on WordPress websites.

NorthIQ – Obviously, I had to build my own website, and I did that quickly. I’ll be revamping that this year with a focus on what my offerings are. I’m not just a “Website Designer”, I’m a “Digital Experience Creator.

All New Comics – A total relaunch of their website, which officially went online at midnight, December 31st.

Western University’s Economics Events – A website so that the economics department can promote and ticket their own events.

TimberBlock Homes – I’ve done a ton of landing pages for them, and I am now working on a complete website overhaul for them.

CityWide Homes – Just waiting on final approval for my new relaunch, but we’ve got great content, and an awesome site there.

Revival Renovations – I revamped Ryan’s website, and we’re just putting the finishing touches on it before it goes live.

I’ve also done some work for local companies including OES Scoreboards and Trojan Technologies.

I took a week in October along with my friend Craig to build a product called “The Kickstart Guide to Marketing with Science Not Magic”, which was a lot of fun to build. We’ve renamed it “Playbook5” and we’ll be launching our all new, and updated version in early 2016.

I also launched my own Software-as-a-Service platform called “Manage Comics”, which I am in the process of enhancing for a wide release. Manage Comics helps comic stores manage their subscription services.




By Brian Garside

Brian is a digital experience expert, and part time internet superhero. He focuses on digital first design, digital strategies, content management, website usability, and user experience. He was part of the team behind BalanceDo, the co-founder of All New Comics, and the chief strategist at NorthIQ.