Oh my god. It’s 45 with the humidity…I’d swear it’s another five degrees in my apartment right now. GAAAHHHH!!!

Just found out from the doctor that my “cold” is an enviornmental allergy to this stupid smog/weather we’re having. It’s brutal I tells ya, brutal. Other than that, I’m healthy as an ox. Blood pressure was 130/80, pulse was a leisurely 56, and he said that the only thing we should keep an eye on is my cholesterol which was a touch on the high side, but it was so borderline that he said we don’t really need to worry about it.

My back is infinitely better, and I’ve started hitting the gym fairly regularly again. I’d love to lose ten or twelve pounds in time for the wedding (eight weeks away).

Damn, it is a HOT one!

Album Du Jour: No album this week…too hot.

DVD of the week: Too hot to sit through a DVD

Movie of the week: Saw The Fast and the Furious on Sunday…pretty entertaining piece of fluff!

Game of the week: Too hot for games (though I did play NBA Street last night)

Best Comic of the Week: The Authority #25

Website of the week: Ebay has got some awesome summer deals right now.