Wow, Macromedia announced the releases of new versions of Dreamweaver (with full CSS support), Flash, and Fireworks. From what I’ve seen about the new Dreamweaver, it’s pretty interesting, and would be well worth the upgrade to Studio MX 2004 alone, but when you add in what they’ve done to tweak Flash, and the new stuff with Fireworks, it makes it even more appealing.Flash magazine has an excellent Flash MX 2004 Preview with different sections on what’s New for Designers, and what’s New for Coders.

I’m still waiting to find something on DreamWeaver.

One other thing I found while surfing around today. There’s a site called which sells electronic versions of magazines. You can get the latest issue of Computer Arts or Digital Photography magazine for $6.00, which is about $14.00 cheaper than the newsstand price! Kick @ss!