We went out for a drive today and checked out our dirt. It’s coming along quite nicely, they’ve started service, they have some of the temporary roads in, and the stakes have started popping up. I went into the sales centre and they told me that our upgrade books should be arriving by the end of this month. I can’t wait to see that stuff, at that point we’ll go and find an interior designer to make sure that we’re making the right choices.I guess today sort of unofficially marks the end of yet another summer. It was a pretty good one too, not too many ridiculous muggy days, pretty good sleeping weather most nights, and overall a decent summer. It puts us one summer closer to us owning our own home.

Char and I went to Nikki and Tim’s second annual Coits tournament where the team of Charlene and I were eliminated in the first round. Since there were an uneven number of players though, I was paired up with Nikki, and we went on to win the entire tournament (mostly thanks to Nikki’s solid coits playing. I managed to score about 10 points in the three games we played, leaving the other 20 points up to Nikki). So I’m once again the grand Coits champion.

I forgot to mention it last week, but Wednesday saw my return to TSN.ca/wrestling, and I’ll be following it up this week with another column. It also means that searches for Brian Garside in Google now returns Tales from the Darkside (this page) as number 3, and Tales From The Darkside from TSN.ca as the number 4 result. I’m gonna throw some links up to this site on the Tales from the Darkside archive pages in order to drive a little traffic over here. This site’s doing pretty well, serving up a few dozen page views a day, but I’d love to boost that up to a couple of hundred a day soon.

I’ll also be tweaking the design, getting a new URL, and adding some stuff to this site next month, which I’ll detail here later.