We moved offices at work, so my life has been a seemingly never-ending battle against chaos. I got most of my video encoding setup re-built yesterday (breaking about 100 union rules in the process…oops), and got most of my desk set-up. I threw out a ton of stuff, kept one copy of all software manuals rather than the two dozen or so we had, and chucked any cable that I couldn’t put a name and a face to (until I suddenly realized the use for a half dozen of them and scrambled to grab them back out of the garbage).

The real big news is that Chronicology will launch on October 15th (or shortly thereafter), and will replace Tales From The Darkside. Don’t cry though kids. Because it will be built using the Writer’s Quill tools, there will be plenty of room for more content, I’ll be able to add pictures, and there will be comments on every story!

Chronicology will be launching in tandem with Writer’s Quill (which launches October 15th), which is the first new HeadsDown Content Managment solution, with our first market targeting independant authors. A simple hosting and content managment solution which will allow artists to get online easily and without a lot of effort…how do I know? Because it’s the same tool that Ryan McFadden has been using to promote Nathaniel for a couple of months now.

Chronicology and Writer’s Quill…they’re coming soon.