I went and saw Kill Bill on my birthday, and I absolutely loved it. Some of the violence made me uncomfortable, particularly the first and last scenes, but by and large it was so cartoonish that it made me laugh more than it made me squirm.

I kind of wish that the two movies had been combined. I think he could easily have snipped 45 minutes from this movie, tightened it up, and combined it with the second. This half was 1 hr 50 minutes, but it feels like two and a half hours.

Quentin made a love letter for movie fans with this film, and it was obvious that he’s a film geek with all of the little pieces he put in it. As a bit of a film geek myself, I totally got it, and just loved the ride he took me on, but I can see that it was very self-indulgant.

Mozilla 1.5 has been released, and the beta release of the new Mozilla site has been launched. It looks pretty sweet, and I’ll talk about some of my loves and hates of Mozilla in a future posting. I’m so close to moving completely to Mozilla, but there are a few features which prevent me from doing so.