I made my presentation along with the dudes from CBC Sports, and it was quite interesting. We ended up speaking about more than just Fantasy Games, thankfully, since I’m not a big fan of Fantasy Games, and got into the whole XBox/XSN thing that we are working on, and talked about “next things”. I’m convinced that the next big Sports thing will be cyber athleticism, and I managed to get the crowd interested in the whole field.

I really liked the guys from CBC, and I hope that I run into them tonight for the Lobster dinner and tour of the island.

I went for a little walk earlier since the weather has finally broken and it’s not raining cats and/or dogs right now. One of the seeming universal constants? Big Box Plaza’s.

There’s a big box right behind my hotel.

Oh, and Tim Horton’s. There’s one right down the street. God bless you Timmy.