Wow. I picked up the new Two Towers DVD last week, and have now watched almost all of the features on it. What a spectacular package. Everything you could have ever wanted to know about the making of the movies is contained on the two extra discs, and what you still don’t know is probably on one of the four commentary tracks! When put side by side with the Fellowship SE, it’s around 28 hours of commentary and documentation on the making of the greatest fantasy epic ever. I’m practically salivating for The Return of the King.

The other big news from the weekend was the continued build of HockeyUpdater, our new HeadsDown tool which is a sister site to Writer’s Quill. Our big convention is December 10th, so I’m frantically trying to finish up work for the site, publishing tool, and our various posters and paraphanelia.

There’s a ton of work to be done still, and I’m about half way there. Not bad for a weekend. I still need to get everything printed off, and have stuff ready for distribution. I’ll also need to figure out a way to present everything, but that will come in time.