Sometimes I get cold calls from tech companies desperate to find new business. Occasionally they will speak entirely in NewSpeak (my term for “new economy buzzwords”), it’s hilarious to listen to them, turn on my bullshit translator, and figure out what they’re saying. I usually say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of buzzwords. What does it do in English?”.

No more. Now I’m going to just throw some web economy bullshit back at them.

Web economy Bullshitter

Now you say that your product will iterate transparent partnerships, but I’m really looking for something that can deploy cross-platform convergence and help me to implement enterprise deliverables. If it can’t do that, I’m not interested.

Wonder if there’s a product out there that can drive B2B interfaces, strategize one-to-one infrastructures and generate cutting-edge experiences all the while helping me to brand sticky channels?

Damn, that’s fun.

Playstation 3

I’ve documented my current PS2 auction, but this is kind of cool.