Last week I decided to finally take the plunge and buy music online. Not buy a CD, but actually buy electronic files which are encoded music files.Now first, a little about my music listening habits. I buy CD’s, take them home and rip them to audio formats (usually MP3, though occasionally WMA), sometimes I take the same CD to work and rip it on my work PC, and I usually put the CD on my MuVo (little MP3 player for those “not in the know”).

So here I am thinking, buy it electronically, I’m cutting out the middle man. I can burn a CD to listen to it in the car, done and done. I bought Limp Bizkit new album because…well if it didn’t work out, no biggie…if it did, cool.

It didn’t work out. Not at all. First off, that night I couldn’t download my tracks because their service was too busy…TOO BUSY??? Damn that’s lame. Next morning, I downloaded the tracks no problem…except I later found out that one of the tracks didn’t download completely, but no warning was given to me.

Burned everything to CD…no problem. Then I tried to move the files to my MuVo…nope, didn’t work. Tried different things…nope, none of them worked. So now I have a CD that plays on my computer, in my car, and electronic files that will only play on my (primary) computer, I can’t even take them to work with me.

OHHHH, and I can only burn 2 more CD’s…and since one of the songs wasn’t fully completed, I’ve basically f-ed one burn…and what if I want to make a mixed CD? Well, I’ll have to download the tracks from Kaazaa.

Here’s the kicker. I burned that CD a week ago…as of this morning it doesn’t play in my car CD player anymore.


Puretracks? You get one big thumbs down from me.