I’ve had this design done for, oh about two months now. I’ve been waiting to upload it because I wanted to launch it with Writer’s Quill…unfortunately WQ got put on the back-burner while we worked on HockeyUpdater. Now HU is ready to be launched, and we’ll be able to spend some time on WQ again.However, there was no reason whatsoever not to launch Chronicology (well other than the fact that the URL itself is kind of buggered for some reason). For the next few weeks Tales from the Darkside (seen here) will be Chronicology. At some point I’ll put in a re-director and when you type in www.headsdown.com/darkside/ you’ll be taken to www.chronicology.com.

In the meantime, take a look around, to your left you’ll see “Links”, and the old Archive (which is still in a standard “Tales from the Darkside” skin for now). The Links section are just some place I frequent daily, and my current projects.

Hope you like it, I know I do.