This is just so funny, Donna Deliva on wrote “I call bullshit…on tons of stuff“, my favourite:HUGE COMPANIES

One hundred floors of hard-working people that are generating tons of revenue for the company working 50 hours a week? Sure they are. How can you possibly monitor the work of all those Dilberts sitting in those little cubicles with their little Garfield posters and Monday jokes? Especially when the company’s going through a boom and nobody cares. No wonder Enron got away with murder. You could probably surf internet p*rn and IM all your old high-school buddies for the rest of your life without being noticed. Big, huge companies are just a fancy word for welfare. I’m writing this thing at my job right now and I have a HUGE F***ING PILE of purchase orders sitting next to me. I call bulls**t on those, too.

So incredibly true. There were people at BGMI who I don’t think even knew what they did, yet they had jobs. I’m sure every big company is like that.