Char and I went out to visit our dirt this weekend before we visited Speedy and Steph. We made the same trek two weeks ago, when the weather was a little balmier, and we snapped the picture you see here.

It took us a while to find our street, and we got a little lost along the way, looking at a couple of other lots that turned out not to be ours.

We finally found our street though, which has yet to be paved (although it may be paved now, we couldn’t tell under the snow).

There were quite a few people trolling the streets along with us, trying to figure out which chunk of dirt was theirs.

Our street goes right up to our dirt, and a stake in the ground represents our little lot of land.

The people two doors down from us have a fire hydrant, so at least we know it’s not on our lot (but it’s close enough in case of fire).

It was pretty exciting to see the place where we’ll live. Only 9 more months to go!