Francis Ford Coppella once said that film wouldn’t be a legitimate art form until it was as easy and inexpensive to do as picking up a pencil. If that’s the case than a strong argument can be made that film is now officially art. The movie sweeping Sundance is Tarnation, the autobiography of 31 year old Jonathan Caouette, recorded on home video, edited together on a friend’s iMac using iMovie.I actually have hope that America could be great again, and it’s all thanks to Howard Dean, who’s “Blog for America“, is getting real, honest to goodness homegrown support! It’s very cool to see that not only has he drummed up a ton of support for his upcoming presidential campaign, but he’s also made some serious bling as well! This month’s Wired Magazine has a great article titled “How the internet invented Howard Dean” (a play on Al Gore’s infamous statement).

A duh. Microsoft admits that it took the whole “Mike Rowe Soft” issue too seriously., a new subscription online comics site is amazingly beautiful. They’re using A List Apart’s Style Switcher (which I’ll be making use of here soon), and the ALA Image Map technique (which I’m going to use for’s Superbowl section).

The Vaporware awards of the year are out as well. It’s nice to see Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Duke Nukem Forever on there.