I took a ball hockey stick to the yap last night. Dizzamn it hurts! We won the game, so the pain’s not as severe as it would have been if we had lost.The guy’s stick went up mine, and nailed me right on the corner of my chin, jamming my jaw to the right. It really hurt at the time, and got super tender overnight.

Today it’s not too bad, although it does hurt to eat (opening my mouth for my sandwich sent jolts of pain across my jaw). It kind of feels like when you’ve had your mouth open for an hour in the dentist’s office getting a tooth drilled. My right big toe (which will eventually lose the nail from a ball hockey game), my right shin, and my left finger are all banged up from the game.

The game was great though. Dennis scored 4, I scored 3, and Jen scored 2 to make the score 8-5 (the other team didn’t count one of our goals, although we don’t know which one).

We stayed on the offence, cleared the ball from our end, and pretty much controlled it in theirs. If we can just tighten up the points so that we can drop the ball back to them to free ourselves up for manuverability, we’ll have an awesome system in place.