Well, the wedding site is up and running. There’s still quite a bit to do, but considering that it went from concept to completion in less than 24 hours…I’d say that I’m back in top form again.

While it’s true that I had a concept in mind for a while, and I had thrown together a Photoshop Mock-Up of what the site might look like, I changed pretty much everything. From colour scheme to fonts, to mouseovers. I also figured out how to make Blogger work with the site really well, and I’ve integrated it almost seamlessly. I’m pretty proud of this site, since it’s the first thing I’ve truly created since the Life Network Redesign way back in June (can it really be 2 months since I left Alliance Atlantis?).

Album Du Jour: No Doubt: The Return of Saturn

DVD of the week: Unbreakable, just watched the Comic Book documentary.

Movie of the week: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Hilarious, had terrific Hollywood in-jokes, and finally showed some maturation of Kevin Smith as a director. He did some great action scenes, and the stuff with Mark Hamill was just brilliant (as was the Charlies’ Angels-esque thief scene).

Game of the week: NBA Street. I just broke 575000 trick points.

Website of the week: Charlene and Brian – October 13th 2001 (and that my friends is the shameless art of self-promotion).