The Stinky Monkeys won their second game of the winter season with a 12-5 drubbing of the Offsiders on Tuesday night in what one official called “An offensive clinic”.Every Monkey on the team scored (with the sole exeption of ‘tender Jeff, who managed to notch a couple of assists anyway), with a quartet of the Simian Sensations notching a pair of markers.

Dennis, Tiffany, Charlene, and Brian all scored 2 goals each, while Larry, Dave, Joachim, and Jen notched one a piece.

Jeff was again solid between the pipes, with some amazing saves, and one stop in particular (against the dreaded “guy with gloves”, and “white shirt guy”) totally changed the momentum of the shift. The keeper’s solid performance improves his record to 2-0 on the season.

The Offsiders were playing their second game of a double-header, and early in the game lead by a score of 2-1. The Offsiders’ goaltender positively stood on his head, stopping shot after shot which were destined for the back of the net, keeping the score close. However the steamroller which is known as the Monkey Offense turned it on late in the game, and came through with an amazing display of passing, tenaciousness, and excellent stickwork which allowed the Monkeys to pull ahead from a tight one goal lead, to the eventual seven goal victory.

The amazing apes will next face Five For Fighting (who will be playing their second game of a double-header) Tuesday February 3rd at Bessborough (211 Bessborough Drive, S of Eglinton, East of Bayview).

News and notables:

Jen “Dig Dug” Chambers went down late in the game with what amatuer doctors (who did a terrific job of taping her up) at the scene diagnosed as a severe sprained wrist (but likely not broken, although concerns were voiced over some of the tiny bones in the wrist, which led to a debate about the tiny bones being in the hand, and not the actual wrist, and how it was likely a sprain, which can hurt more than a break anyway, and takes a lot longer to heal, the debate was hastily ended when Jen started to look a little pained by the conversation).

Chambers will have her wrist looked at by real doctors in the next day or so…hopefully without having to wait hours in line.

Here’s hoping that Jen’s injury isn’t a serious one, and that she makes a quick comeback.

3: Dave Samuels, the Wayne Gretzky of the team last night, scoring one goal, but managing to set up nearly a half dozen others.

2: Jeff Styga, stood on his head at times, and kept the game within 1 goal through the entire night. Probably Jeff’s best game so far this year.

1: Jen Chambers, could always be found deep in the offensive zone when we had possession, and has an uncanny ability to be right where the ball’s going to be. Her late game injury stopped her from scoring again, but it would have been inevitable.