Not the band…it’s my weekly links grouping.First up…the nipple heard ’round the world. “Gonna have ya nekkid by the end of this song.” riiiiip. peek-a-boo. Can we move on now for the love of Pete? It was a nipple. It was obviously staged. Next?

HaloScan; free comment system for Blogger blogs…pretty cool.

ALA: Everything I need to know about Web Design I learned watching OZ; funny and yet true.

Superbowl Commercials; iFilm again posts this year’s Superbowl commercials so that pathetic third world countries like Canada can see what the rest of the world is entertained by.

RSS is the new news; I can’t help but think that these people are all really naive…but maybe, just maybe there IS a revenue stream for RSS.

Building an RSS feed made simple; just in case you’re confused as to what RSS is.

X-Box next; 3 IBM 64 bit processors? 512mB RAM? A kick ass ATI designed graphics chip? All good ideas.

No Hard Drive (instead there would be flash memory), Incompatible with old MS XBox games??? Not good ideas.

Best of;

Movie of the week: Monster. Charlize Theron deserves the Academy Award for best actress…hell, I’d give her best actress, best actor, best supporting, and cinematography! She was that good.

DVD of the week: Coupling The Complete First Season, awesome BBC humour. It’s too bad that the American version was so watered down.

CD of the week: None. Screw the record industry. I’m listening to the music of the 90’s that I bought back in the days when the RIAA was concerned with making good music rather than filing lawsuits against kids.

Comic of the week: Wanted #2 comic book heroics told from the villian’s point of view. A really unique story, with a really cool concept.

Website of the week: X-Box Addict great X-Box news, updated constantly, solid reviews, great layout.