Everything old is new again…take for example PocketPC Thoughts’ PocketPC vs Paper showdown, in which a Pocket PC goes up against the trusty pen and paper…is the pen truly mightier than the sword (or in this case hand held computer with more power under it’s hood than most 3 year old desktop computers)? Let’s put it this way, the site ain’t called “Post-It Notes Thoughts”.X-Box Addict is dedicating this month to Retro Gaming, starting with In the beginning… I used to love the video arcade. There was one at the end of my street in London. They had all the greats, Joust, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. Galaga (which I never got into), Robotron, Paperboy…and even Tron Deadly Discs. Those were good times. Arcades suck today because my X-Box is more powerful, has a better interface, and wayyyy more games, for half the price. Why plunk a buck a minute into an arcade box when I can pay $10.00 on E-Bay for a kick assed video game?

Technology Review has an article on Ten Technologies That Refuse to Die, some I agree with, there are few things better than a good analog watch, some I think they’re totally off the mark on (typewriters??? Who in the name of god uses typewriters???).

Nobody except me will probably notice this…but I’m changing the line spacing on my site today. Sentences have become too crowded on this site and it’s starting to drive me nutsoid!