The Angry Huggybears locked down the Monkeys offense all game en route to a 4-0 shutout at the hated, tiny Bessborough gym. Netminder Jeff Styga was tested often in this game and had to be sharp on rebounds and one-time shots. The Monkeys attack was stifled by the two-headed Huggybear’s dragon of a well positioned defense and an active, fast-gunning offense. Kudos go out to our spectacular female crew [who played with only 3] and to Larry Woo who proved a headache to the Huggybears defense. Next week, I saw we do what angry monkeys do: bite and fling poo! Oh yeah, and a few goals would be nice.MONKEY’S THREE STARS

1. Larry Woo – Hustle and muscle.

2. Jeff Styga – Remincent of a younger, prettier Johnny Bower.

3. Charlene Garside – Awesome effort at both ends.