Usually marketing slogans are just that, something that’s catchy to say. TiVo’s is actually true.I recently got a series 1 TiVo, hooked it up, got the latest operating system for it, and started playing with it. All I can say is…wow. Because I’m in Canada, the guide doesn’t work at all, and I had to jump through some hoops to get it to even set up (so that I could download the latest OS). But now that it’s running, I’m quite taken with the little box, and so is Charlene.

All I can do is manually tell it what to record (so far Arrested Development, Las Vegas, 24, and Angel), but once I start hacking, I should be able to get it to actually use a guide.

I’m going to install Lindows on my PC so that I can start playing with Linux and Apache Web Server. I’ll use the hacks on TiVo Canada to start getting a guide, and I’ve ordered some stuff from 9th Tee to hook up a Wireless Ethernet connection on the TiVo.

Details to follow.