It’s almost time for me to upgrade my aging cell phone. The screen is cracked, it doesn’t keep a charge, it doesn’t get reception inside of most buildings, and it does strange things like miss the call, but alert me to messages ten seconds later.I’d like a phone and PDA in one, something that can hold all of my contacts, my appointments, a few word docs, and maybe let me play solitaire when I’m bored. I want decent battery life (72 hours without recharging would be nice, a couple of hours talk time would be excellent).

I don’t need a camera, I don’t particularly want to surf the web wirelessly (unless it’s seamless and uses the http protocol and not WAP), I don’t care if I can play MP3’s…all I want is for it to sync with Outlook, and for it to be relatively small.

Really, I’d like one of these 3GSM phones, but they probably won’t make it to Canada for another two or three years. I’d like one of the PocketPC phones, but they’re only available on Fido. If I hadn’t just printed up my business cards, I might go for a Fido phone, or even go with one of the Bell Mobility Handspring Treo’s. For now my options are limited, and it looks like I’ll still need to carry a PDA and a phone.

For the two of you who are enjoying reading about the redesign, I’ll continue my series tomorrow.