When re-runs season starts, it’s the time to check out those shows that I always mean to, but never do watch. Since this time of the year is full of American Idol’s, Forever Eden’s, and various other wastes of my time, I like to watch those shows that I flip to during the rest of the year, but never regularly watch.Corner Gas

CTV’s comedy about a corner gas station in butt-hole nowhere should be everything I hate in TV. Sit-com, check, cheezy Canadian show, check, stupid stereotypes of characters, check…but for some reason, it’s so damn funny that despite how much I should hate it, I find myself giggling the whole 30 minutes (sometimes even through the commercials). That’s the sign of a good show.

Why I’m not a regular; Wednesday nights aren’t a good TV night for me. I’m usually doing work, and I try to stay away from the TV if “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” are on…they just make me uncomfortable. That said, I’m already TiVoing Angel and Kingdom Hospital, maybe I should add one more show.

CSI and CSI Miami

Fascinating TV, I love both of these shows. Their lead characters are awesome (Grissom is miles cooler than Horatio though), and I love the stories.

Why I’m not a regular; Thursday nights…Survivor, the ER, CSI should fit right in that donut, but I usually go and do something else for that hour. On Monday nights, I’m usually working or watching Wrestling. Both of these shows require the viewer to invest some mindshare in them, and when I’m working, I can’t offer that. I’d TiVo them, but there are already shows in their place that get recorded.

Arrested Development

This is the funniest show on TV, the narrator is hilarious, Jason Bateman is finally in the role he was made for, and it all works.

Why I’m not a regular; The time kept on shifting, and couldn’t find it for the first two months. Now that it’s settled in to Sundays at 9:30, I’m TiVoing it.

The West Wing

I loved this show the first season, the president was mythic, didn’t show up much, and whenever he did, it was to move the plot along. It got lame in the second season with too much president, but the whirlwind effect of the pacing was still there.

Why I’m not a regular; The whole Wednesday thing, and the fact that you actually have to invest some brain power in the complexities of the show.

What DO I watch? Well, here’s the list;

Las Vegas, 24, Angel, Kingdom Hospital, Friends, Survivor, ER, and various news magazines (I’m a sucker for a good episode of Investigative Reports or City Confidential).

Here’s a question to the masses…what else is out there I should love?