I’m working a lot on HeadsDown stuff right now, trying to get a couple of big deals on the go, plus I’m putting together my class for this summer…and finally…hacking the crap out of my TiVo! I’ve got an extra 40 Gig HD in it (giving me 70 hours of recording time), and I’ve added Steve Jenkins’ TiVo Networking stuff, a Turbonet card in it, and next I’ll be hacking in TiVo Canada guides!Album Du Jour: Nelly Furtado’s Folklore

DVD of the week: Coupling, the Complete Second Series The original BBC version, not the abortion which was the US version. The UK version was hilarious, but there’s no way they could have gotten away with half the stuff in the ‘States. The Janet Jackson incident looks like Sesame Street compred to Coupling.

Movie of the week: Hellboy was amazing. Kill Bill V2 looks even better.

Game of the week: NHL Rivals 2004 – Hooked up to Live. I’m ranked about 1 millionth right now, but give me time. Once I master the cheap assed tactics that others use (see wrap around goals, one-timers on one side of the rink, and the ultimate in cheese…the spin-orama), I will be king.

Website of the week: Kaliber10000 so many cool sites, so little time.

Comic of the Week: Supreme Power #9 I’m reading the original Squadron Supreme right now, it’s amazing and so ahead of its time.