Yesterday was an interesting day. I woke up around 7 with a pain in my kidney. Fifteen minutes later the pain got more intense, by 7:30 it was unbelievable. It felt just like the kidney stone pain I had in August of 2002, so I called my mom, who told me to get to the hospital, and I called Char on her cell to tell her I was going, and that I’d call when I knew where I was. I was in so much pain that it was a struggle to pick up the phone, and climbing the stairs to our bedroom almost made me pass out. I kept on having to run to the bathroom because I was feeling nauseous.My next door neighbour Mike was home, so I asked him to drive me (there was no way I was going to negotiate my little stick shifted Accent), and by about 7:40 I was in emergency at Toronto East General.

The triage nurse was concerned about my pulse which was only 45, on a normal day it’s around 50-55, so this was a little low, but nothing to be too concerned about. I guess the concept of someone who looks to be in the shape I’m in being physically fit is strange to these folks. I mean I got a little lovin’ around the middle, but that’s just my rocket fuel!

About an hour later a doctor came by and said that it was probably a kidney stone, and that they’d give me some demerol for the pain. It worked…but zonked me out for the next four hours.

I got out of the hospital around 2 having had a cat scan, blood work, and urine analysis, which all confirmed the classic signs of a kidney stone.

They gave me percocets, but I haven’t taken one since last night because they make me fuzzy brained. The little bugger still hasn’t passed, but the pain seems to have subsided quite a bit.