This was a pretty good weekend, not terrific, but pretty solid neverless. I created the WTSN and ESPN Classic Canada website layouts on Sunday and Monday, did some work on the Wedding Site and went to see RAW last night.

The show was pretty good, but it could have been better. I decided last night that I don’t think I’ll go to a live show again. First off, it’s just missing something without JR’s announcing, and second, unless you’re on the floor (and fat chance of that happening anymore), the atmosphere is just not quite right.

Tonight, I’m at work setting up PC’s and making sure everything works hunky dory. It’s looking good so far, I’ve just got to bring a couple of VTR’s and such over later this morning, and then write up a quick little “how to” for the new encoders.

One more thing, a really useful tool is the Microsoft Personal Security Advisor.