Well, it finally happened. I’ve conducted probably 60 transactions on E-Bay, I’ve bought and sold well over $3,000.00 worth of goods. I bought my first PDA, a Handspring Visor, my second PDA, a Compaq iPAQ. I bought some cool toys, some hard to find posters, even a few books. I sold my PS2 on E-bay, I’ve sold games, video cards, comic books, you name it.But it finally happened. I finally got scammed by someone. Late last month I bidded on a Looney Tunes Golden Age DVD set, it was $45.00 CDN, about ten bucks cheaper than in the stores. I try to buy most stuff from Canada to avoid duties and extra shipping, and this item was allegedly located in Canada. Bournemouth Canada (which I was thinking sounded like a Nova Scotian city). Well, if I would have looked harder, I probably would have noticed that the dude was registered in the United Kingdom…mind you, he had 7 positive feedback responses, so who was I to argue?

I won, paid with Paypal, and never heard from him again. I’m apparently in good company because eight other people so far have come forward to complain that this person scammed them as well. Duncan Francis seems to be his name according to his Profile, but since he’s such a liar head, that could be false as well. I’ve complained to E-Bay and to Paypal about this, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m seriously bummed about falling victim to my first E-Bay scam though.